Services Provided

A Canadian subsidiary of a large international firm needs to ship Controlled equipment domestically and internationally. They are aware of the export control regulations but do not have the knowledge and staffing requirements to successfully manage the Licensing portion and export control out of Canada. In addition, they require a secured, Controlled Goods registered facility to receive the equipment, inventory, consolidate and export the goods.

The Challenge

  • Lack of skilled staff to apply for and maintain Canadian Export Permits
  • Need for a warehousing solution that is Controlled Goods Registered
  • Require local assistance in handling of export requirements to the U.S. and internationally
  • Require support to ensure Compliance with Canadian  and U.S. regulations
  • Need assistance with Export document preparation

The Strategic Solution

  • We can assist with and review permit applications; in addition, we can handle the entire process by acting as the Applicant on the Export Permit
  • In this case, we applied for and obtained over a dozen Export Permits
  • Managed the assigned Terms and Conditions outlined on the Permits
  • Handled all the  reporting requirements via EXCOL for the validity of the Permits
  • Provided a secured warehousing solution that also includes inventory of received items, consolidation or deconsolidation as necessary, and preparation for shipping
  • Provided inventory receipts for record keeping
  • Arranged domestic  deliveries on a timely basis to meet production requirements
  • Arranged international exports, while managing the Export Permit and CBSA Customs reporting requirements
  • Arranged overseas returns of non-conforming parts; coordinated the import paperwork and Customs brokerage

How We Can Help

As a full service compliance & logistic provider, we build a relationship with our clients in order to fully understand the requirements and provide unique solutions to the Aerospace and Defense industries.  Our understanding of Export Compliance regulations, Supply Chain Logistics, and handling of Controlled Goods has allowed our client to effectively keep production lines running, while ensuring they comply with the export regulations.