Mission Statement

To provide an invaluable link in the Customers’ supply chain by combining effective transportation solutions with a unique understanding of international Government and Customs regulations.

Vision Statement

To be known by industry as the most innovative and widely qualified forwarder in our field whilst being recognized by Government authorities as ethical, influential and dependable.

About Us

While Strategic is not the only Freight Forwarder to manage the movement of defense articles, it is certainly one of the few anywhere in the world who do it exclusively. We specialize in the safe, secure and legal movement of defense articles internationally, with a focus on domestic and global compliance. What makes Strategic unique, however, is that not only do we arrange the transport but we address the entire move in the context of all international regulations, both in the country of departure, in transit and at the country of arrival.

Through a range of flexible options, Strategic not only provides the normal transportation services, but also offers training,consultancy, and guidance advice on all international trade control issues. This gives exporters/importers confidence that their programs are run in the most compliant, timely and efficient fashion.  In most instances this is achieved through a partnership and/or consultative approach where the customer meets with, or can call on Strategic’ s experience, connections with Government and formal defense industry trade bodies, Customs and related official entities in the destination market.  This unique business model has resulted in Strategic working closely with most of the largest defense manufacturers, in some notable cases for an excess of 27 years.