Strategic Shipping is able to partner with Companies and OEMs looking to fulfill their offset obligations within Canada through Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRBs) which will be transitioned into Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs) as part of the new Defence Procurement Strategy. Operating within Canada and United States we are able to offer companies Strategic Solutions towards filling offset obligations on either side of the border.
The Strategic partnership advantage

  • Strategic Shipping is fully registered under the Canadian Controlled Good Program. As part of this program Strategic Shipping is permitted to examine, possess, and transfer controlled goods in accordance with the regulations.
  • Strategic is also an ITAR registered company with the US Department of State and also with the Department of Commerce.
  • As part of our Canadian defence registrations we are able to apply for export permits through EXCOL and submit Export Declarations utilizing CAED
  • As part of our U.S. defence registrations we are apply to export licences and submit AES filings
  • As a member of the defence community we have comprehensive knowledge of the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual for Canadian procurement. As well as understanding of both Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and the Defense Acquisition Regulations System (DFARS) for the United States procurement process.
  • Strategic has an onsite warehouse that is able to store Controlled Goods in addition to Government Furnished Materials and Equipment.
  • Able to provide monthly figures towards reporting requirements for offsets.

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Industry Canada’s information on Industrial Regional Benefits