Now that your product is in hand and ready to ship out the door, it is important to select the right mode and carrier for the job!  That means ensuring that a carrier can handle or accept your shipment. There are many different considerations to factor in when selecting a carrier it is not just a matter of the cheapest solution.  Some other factors that can impact the selection of a mode and carrier should include:

  • Weight and Dimensions of the shipment,
  • Controlled Goods,
  • Dangerous Goods,
  • Routing and transits
  • Compliance and experience
  • And so much more

Ensuring that all areas are covered and that you will be shipping compliant to various regulations can be overwhelming even for those companies that have a fully established supply chain department.  In addition, each mode of transportation will also have very strict regulations regarding the movement of certain commodities.  Whether it is by plane, train, ocean or truck each mode has a different set of regulations.  Remember these defence and aerospace articles are likely highly complex and regulated systems that have been sold to your customer.

Where Strategic Can Help

We work closely with a number of multimodal carriers, so we are able to customize solutions to suit your delivery times and budget. We ensure that are carriers are certified to the appropriate standards for the industry and maintain compliance to the various government regulations.