As an exporter, it is the responsibility of the company to generate and transmit the appropriate documentation to their freight forwarders, customers, and appropriate government authorities.It is important to ensure that all the required documentation is provided, not only from a compliance aspect but also to enable shipments to move properly through customs.

Document management should also entail record keeping as part of comprehensive compliance program.   Records are essential and should be kept to enable seamless review of history.  Ensure to keep records for the time period specified by contract or government regulations.  The other aspect to a solid system is put in policies and procedures to ensure that records are kept in accordance to industry standards or regulations.

Where Strategic Can Help

Strategic has an online document management system that allows customers to tracking shipments and documents.  It is all of the applicable shipment documents that are available to your team for access 24/7 should any information be required for historical or audit purposes.  Imagine how much time you can save instead of searching email archives or file folders,  all the relevant export and import documents are located in one online system.