It may seem like a silly statement to make sure you as an exporter know who the final end user of your sold goods will be going to, but goods can be transferred and routed to various other parties.  If goods are controlled, it is important to ensure that the final end user is reputable and well established in country. Apply a little common sense and be wary of an agent or customer that is reluctant to provide information regarding the user, requests packaging that is inconsistent with normal shipping modes, requests illogical or multiple routings, or wishes to uses a freight forwarder is designated as a consignee/end-user.

It is also important to verify if there any export sanctions or non-proliferation regimes in place against a country prior to entering into contracts.  Ensure that your organization is protected before signed up to terms and countries you cannot obtain export licences to. More about that under Exports!

One final tip, ensure that within any contract or purchase order that the Incoterms are clearly agreed upon and identified early in the process.  Make sure that the Incoterms that are to form the contract are clearly understood by both the buyer and seller as to what obligations each party are responsible for.