It may seem cliché, but for every export there are import considerations that must be taken into account.  Depending on those Incoterms that were signed up to as part of the contract or PO, you may be responsible for the delivery of the shipment right up to your customer’s door (including import customs formalities).  If that is the case, consider what import regulations and licence are required to bring the product into the destination country.    There may be complex in-country trade regulations, duties, taxes, and other challenges that will need to be complied with.    Ensure that you are working with a trusted in-country entity.  Otherwise, it maybe more than just delivery times that are effected.

Where Strategic Can Help

Strategic has joint partnerships with a trusted network of over 150 agency offices worldwide as well as extensive knowledge and experience.  We are able to provide door-to-door delivery services right to a customer’s dock or a demonstration site.