For various reasons whether it be due to no direct flight plans or tight deadlines there are times when a shipment must transit through another country to reach the final destination.  So, what is the issue with transiting through other countries?  Depending on the commodity that is shipped a country may require a transit permit in order for the goods to move through the country (think DSP 61 in the United States).  In some cases, a country may even require an overfly permit depending on the goods, even if the aircraft does not land there.

What does this mean for a supplier? Planning is the key with all shipments.  The earlier requirements are communicated to a freight forwarder the more likely the finer details can be worked out and those permits can be put in place prior to shipment.  Some of those permits can take in excess of a month to be granted.  Communicating is the key to ensuring products are on onsite as required by contract.  It would likely be devastating to your business to miss a demo because communicating requirements took place last minute and transits were not factored into the shipment.

Where Strategic Can Help

Working closely with various carriers and our agent network we can ensure that the proper transit requirements are taken into consideration and put into action prior to shipment.  We can apply for and obtain any require transit licenses or overfly permits.