Exporting 101 for Defence and Aerospace – do you need an export licence?  Well that depends on what you are exporting and the destination.  Most products that are used for defence and aerospace require an export authority of some type.  Likewise, there are some commodities that may seem like an export licence is not required, where in fact that is not the case.  As an exporter you need to determine if your goods are permitted to be exported out of country and by what mechanism.

Exporters are able to submit applications for export permits, certificates, and amendments through the Export Controls Online System (EXCOL) in Canada or DTrade in the United States.  While these systems have streamlined the application processes it is important to track of the status of a licence or permit.  In order to apply for a licence, at a minimum a company must be registered in country and obtain an import/export business number from the appropriate governing body.   There are additional items that will be required in order to apply for a licence such as export control numbers, Harmonized Schedule (HS) number, technical specifications, contractual or purchase order agreements, and even end-user certificates.  Do not leave an application to the very last minute prior to shipment; ensure to take into account the government approval times.

Where Strategic Can Help

If your company is a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) or the division is a small centralized team of an Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), Strategic has you covered.  We have the ability to act as the applicant for export permits and amendments in Canada and the United States.  We can also take care of all the reporting requirements that are dictated by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), enabling you to focus on your core business and opportunities.